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Welcome to Fare Haurevaiti

Welcome to Fare Haurevaiti

Revitalize, reconnect and enjoy peace in this charming property located in the valley of Paopao on the island of Moorea and surrounded by 360° of mountains, offering sublime views and resourcing tranquility.

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Fare Haurevaiti means “a house where you can find a bit of peace in the universe.” Peace is what we hope you will experience while sojourning with us. F


(This is what we hope you will experience while sojourning) in this atypical house located in the valley of PaoPao (Cook’s bay, Moorea). Our home is surrounded by 360° of mountains, offering an astonishing view and resourcing tranquility. Come and recharge your batteries in unique eco-friendly rooms and discover Moorea’s cultural and environmental beauty! It’s our pleasure to make your stay unforgettable.

*Our Vision
We (try to) strive for social and environmental respect and responsibility as much as possible. (since) We believe that finding harmony within ourselves, others and the natural environment is essential to preserve happiness, peace, and life on Earth. This of course is an ever-evolving process, as we ( try) are willing to grow and learn from mistakes in order to make a positive contribution to the world at our scale – our BnB, ( and proposed activities and dishes embed well those values). Therefore, we offer cultural and exotic activities, wellness packages (like massage) and foods that reflect those values.

We will be happy to share our lifestyle and enable visitors to discover Moorea’s richness through various experiences. Simultaneously, we are looking forward to connecting with people from all cultures to continue discovering the world and refresh our perspectives. Our intention and vision to make
Fare Haurevaiti, (it is our wish, is) a place that fosters connections with the community, the natural environment, people’s inner soul, and life’s simple, joyful and meaningful moments, enabling everyone to find peace and harmony within themselves and the world around them.

*The house and atmosphere
This wooden house was constructed in 1982 and its design naturally regulates the heat and humidity – key for the French Polynesian tropical weather. The construction reveals an atypical hybrid style between the local fare (house) and the chalet Suisse – this, as a result of the mixed Swiss/Tahitian marriage of the initial owners. Over the years however, many renovations have been made to give you all the necessary comfort while preserving the initial style and local atmosphere.
The house is located in the valley of PaoPao in a typical Polynesian neighborhood, surrounded by 360° of mountains, offering an astonishing view. Calmness and tranquility are assets of this location too, since the house is situated away from the main road and at the end of a blind alley.
You will find lots of cozy spots around the house to find some alone time or exchange with other inhabitants of the house – be it in the tropical garden, on the various terraces, at the pool, around the campfire, under the stars, or while participating at the various activities (hyperlink) Fare Haurevaiti has to offer.
Come and experience this magical place for yourself!

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Our rooms are mainly made of recycled material and second-hand furniture that we refurbished for your greatest comfort. Our vision is environmental sustainability in every aspect and we have worked to upscale ( did you mean to upgrade? ) materials that would have been discarded. In addition to this sustainability, we have supplied the rooms with natural elements of French Polynesia and combined modernity and local tradition to create a peaceful and comfortable place that offers escapism ( I am not sure that’s the right word?) and a feeling of zenitude (serenity?) . We hope that these rooms, as well as the outdoors, will put you in awe for what Earth has to offer, fostering some connections at various levels.

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