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Cooking Classes

What about a fun day cooking while sojourning at Fare Haurevaiti? This Bed&Breakfast offers the perfect base to discover the richness of French Polynesia’s soil and culinary know-how.

Our trusted partner Food&CookLab is situated two doors away in the lush valley of Paopao. This place, equipped according to the latest hygiene standards, offers the perfect space to indulge in local cuisine.

Food&CookLab proposes several culinary workshops:

  • The culinary experience: offers a real cultural journey to discover a part of French Polynesia through food and cuisine. Get to know local products, their history, and how to use and harvest them. Learn as well how to use plants and plant parts in preparations and cooking. Visual kits have been created to help you understand the properties of the different products. After the theory make place for the practice! You will go into the kitchen, cook the products and make the best sauces and accompaniments. You will also learn traditional cooking methods that reveal new flavours. Finally, you will taste your creations and enjoy a moment of pleasant exchanges. A real taste and cultural journey!
  • The canning workshop: allows you to discover canning techniques, know-how about local products, and recipes while having a good time preparing a meal together.
  • The culinary workshops: offer a day of culinary know-how with an experienced chef from Moorea. Do you want to learn how to create aperitifs with local products, master the great classics of savory pastry, and know how to organize and plan your meals? The Food & CookLab offers you a day of learning and practicing with the renowned chef Marc Lintanf.

So don’t wait to discover and immerse yourself in the Polynesian food culture with Cook&FoodLab. Contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. Furthermore, check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures!