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At Fare Haurevaiti our guests can enjoy various services including HIKES!

Discover the wonders of the islands’ nature. Learn about local plants, be amazed by breathtaking views, enhance your physical strength, and have fun. A moment in nature for pure mind, body and spirit rejuvenation! We know certified guides who will take you on amazing hikes. 
Tiki, our dog, will be more than happy too to guide you on his favorite walks in the pineapple fields and show you his secret spots 🙂

In the forests, surrounded by lush nature you will also find the Tiki Parc. A tree climbing parc surrounded by the mountains which will offer adrenaline and unforgettable memories, guaranteed. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. Furthermore, check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures!

Pictures partly by Hubert Pleskot

Moorea, one of the world’s most beautiful islands”, as Huffpost suggests. With us, you will not miss out on Moorea’s most beautiful treasures! For more information do not hesitate to contact us!