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Do you wish to wear authentic traditional costumes, make your first steps in “Ori Tahiti” (traditional dancing), and wave your own flower crown? Or even use local products in a cooking class… Cultural experiences on Mo’orea are possible at Fare Haurevaiti!

We are passionate about the local traditions; its dances, weaving techniques and food culture.  Our participation at the renowned Heiva (2017) shows well our passion for integration and culture. Furthermore, we believe in working with local actors to give them the chance to share their talents and passion. Herenui and Heifara, from the dance school Heihere, will be more than happy to introduce you to the Polynesian dance and weaving culture. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. It will be a pleasure to help you organize your holidays and cultural experiences on Moorea with trusted partners. Check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures! 

Enjoy these services for a pleasant stay at Fare Haurevaiti!