Explore our waters

Ever been in turquoise waters surrounded by rays, sharks, turtles or even whales?

Mo’orea is abundant in wildlife in its lagoon and ocean.

One of our favorite companies, Vaapiti, will make you discover Moorea’s lagoon with great passion on their traditional sailing boat.

If you feel like going on an adventure and explore by yourself, we will explain you where to rent kayaks in order to visit the motus, coral gardens, and swim with rays and sharks.

Feeling even more adventurous?! What about daring the thrill and connecting with the power of nature while surfing, paddling or kite surfing? Many things are possible on Mo’orea and we will be happy to guide you on your discovery.

We truly care about the ocean and its wildlife. Therefore, we also partnered with Coral Gardeners, a local young and dynamic NGO, who will teach you about the importance of coral reef protection and offer the opportunity to plant your own coral to be part of the change.

Furthermore, many of you probably heard about the magic happening on Mo’orea and whales. We are extremely privileged to welcome every year humpback whales giving birth in our waters. They are here to rest and protect themselves from predators. Therefore, it is important to us to direct you to respectful and knowledgeable companies which will take care as much of you as of the animals. We will be able to recommend you small private and shared boats for the best experience!

And finally for the dive lovers among you, or the once who wish to make their first dive in French Polynesia, we highly recommend Moorea Blue Diving. A very fun, passionate and knowledge dive center who will make you live an unforgettable experience.

Cooking Classes

What about a fun day cooking while sojourning at Fare Haurevaiti? This Bed&Breakfast offers the perfect base to discover the richness of French Polynesia’s soil and culinary know-how.

Our trusted partner Food&CookLab is situated two doors away in the lush valley of Paopao. This place, equipped according to the latest hygiene standards, offers the perfect space to indulge in local cuisine.

Food&CookLab proposes several culinary workshops:

  • The culinary experience: offers a real cultural journey to discover a part of French Polynesia through food and cuisine. Get to know local products, their history, and how to use and harvest them. Learn as well how to use plants and plant parts in preparations and cooking. Visual kits have been created to help you understand the properties of the different products. After the theory make place for the practice! You will go into the kitchen, cook the products and make the best sauces and accompaniments. You will also learn traditional cooking methods that reveal new flavours. Finally, you will taste your creations and enjoy a moment of pleasant exchanges. A real taste and cultural journey!
  • The canning workshop: allows you to discover canning techniques, know-how about local products, and recipes while having a good time preparing a meal together.
  • The culinary workshops: offer a day of culinary know-how with an experienced chef from Moorea. Do you want to learn how to create aperitifs with local products, master the great classics of savory pastry, and know how to organize and plan your meals? The Food & CookLab offers you a day of learning and practicing with the renowned chef Marc Lintanf.

So don’t wait to discover and immerse yourself in the Polynesian food culture with Cook&FoodLab. Contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. Furthermore, check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures! 


Massages & Wellbeing

Are you looking for a quality-full, personalized, world-wide or traditional Polynesian massage?
Do not look further. Because, at Fare Haurevaiti, we have the right contacts!


Enjoy during your stay an authentic Polynesian massage, an aquatic relaxation massage, a full-body, energetic or reflexology massage. Smell the Tiare flower monoï on your body, hear the waves, feel the light breeze in the tropical garden. We guarantee you, in the hands of our professional masseuses you will relax, revitalize and re-connect with your body and mind! Our masseuses, with years of experience, offer quality massages at interesting rates!

We have looked for competent professionals to propose you the most authentic experiences. Equally, we offer the chance to local actors to share their talents and passion and make a fair economic gain. Look them up on their pages:

We have also the chance to have a wonderful yoga teacher on our island. Let go, with a private or collective Yoga and Pilates classes thought by Mat & More for a personal well-being moment surrounded by nature.

Do not hesitate to contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you organize your holidays and personal well-being experiences with trusted partners. Check our other activities for a holiday filled with remarkable moments! 

Cultural Experiences

traditional dancing


Do you wish to wear authentic traditional costumes, make your first steps in “Ori Tahiti” (traditional dancing), and wave your own flower crown? Or even use local products in a cooking class… Cultural experiences on Mo’orea are possible at Fare Haurevaiti!

We are passionate about the local traditions; its dances, weaving techniques and food culture.  Our participation at the renowned Heiva (2017) shows well our passion for integration and culture. Furthermore, we believe in working with local actors to give them the chance to share their talents and passion. Herenui and Heifara, from the dance school Heihere, will be more than happy to introduce you to the Polynesian dance and weaving culture. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. It will be a pleasure to help you organize your holidays and cultural experiences on Moorea with trusted partners. Check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures! 

Enjoy these services for a pleasant stay at Fare Haurevaiti!

Guided Hikes

At Fare Haurevaiti our guests can enjoy various services:

Discover the wonders of the islands’ nature. Learn about local plants, be amazed by breathtaking views, enhance your physical strength, and have fun. A moment in nature for pure mind, body and spirit rejuvenation! We know certified guides who will take you on amazing hikes. 
Tiki, our dog, will be more than happy too to guide you on his favorite walks in the pineapple fields and show you his secret spots 🙂

In the forests, surrounded by lush nature you will also find the Tiki Parc. A tree climbing parc surrounded by the mountains which will offer adrenaline and unforgettable memories, guaranteed. 

Do not hesitate to contact us for rates, extra information, and reservation inquiries. Furthermore, check our other activities for a holiday filled with great adventures!

Pictures partly by Hubert Pleskot

Moorea, one of the world’s most beautiful islands”, as Huffpost suggests. With us, you will not miss out on Moorea’s most beautiful treasures! For more information do not hesitate to contact us!